Adapter Attachments, Quick Tach Mount

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Product Overview

The adapter offers an efficient way to transform a global style loader into an efficient tach skid steer loader. The Global-style release bucket should be removed from the front end loader and attached to the converter to get all the quick tach skid steer benefits. This 121 pound unit has an appealing, narrow design that keeps the attachments close to the machine for improved life capacity. The unit is easy to use and maintain. 

When you have a quick tach mount, you find yourself in a world of opportunities with an incredibly versatile tractor. This plate will transform your limited global tractor into a new machine capable of performing various jobs.



Capacity: 1500kg
Product Weight: 121.46lb
Product Size: 43.21*8.93*18.17in

Package Weight: 160.97lb
Package Size: 48.98*21.29*15.21in

Technical Drawing:

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