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Payment Method

Thank you for choosing Landy Attachments

We appreciate your purchase of our item. In order to make payments in our online store secure and reliable enough, we have adopted the latest payment encryption technology. 

We collaborate with the most popular banks and e-commerce payment experts. 


Please check the following information for more details:

Pay by credit card

When you decide to pay by a credit card, you need the following information to make a secure payment: card number, name on the card, month and year of card expiration, and digital security code.

Please note that Landy Attachments does not save the credit card number and personal information you entered in the payment field when you continue to make a payment. If you have questions about your bank card transactions, please contact your credit card issuing bank.

Please note that if you pay by credit card, our system may reject your payment at checkout to prevent possible credit card fraud. It's best to call your credit card company or bank in advance to let them know about the purchase to avoid being rejected.

Pay by PayPal

PayPal is a popular digital payment method for e-commerce worldwide, and our online store supports this payment method. Now you can use PayPal to make payments easily, quickly and securely in our online store. If you have a PayPal account, please click "Buy with PayPal".