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Skid Steer Hydraulic Salt Spreader Attachment for Tractor Front Loader

Skid Steer Hydraulic Salt Spreader Attachment for Tractor Front Loader

The SPR-350 Salt Spreaders redefine the art of spreading salt, sand, and a blend of fine gravel with utmost precision. Powered by advanced hydraulic technology, these impeccable machines guarantee optimal performance in all weather conditions.


Featuring a self-loading mechanism, the SPR-350 effortlessly takes on the task of loading coarse sand, salt, or crushed granite. Say goodbye to tedious manual labor and let the Salt Spreader do the heavy lifting for you.


Designed with ingenuity, the hydraulic-driven agitator with slanted vanes ensures a consistent flow of materials, eliminating any possibility of clogging or bridging within the machine. Rest assured knowing that the SPR-350 is specifically engineered to tackle even the most challenging winter landscapes with ease and efficiency.


Durability meets elegance with our galvanized self-loading models. With a corrosion-resistant surface, these machines are built to withstand the harshest elements, providing you with years of reliable performance. Prepare for a long-lasting investment that will exceed your expectations.


Experience the epitome of reliability and versatility with the Hydraulic Salt Spreader. From opulent estates to bustling commercial properties, this exceptional machine ensures that your surfaces remain safe and snow-free. Take control of your winter maintenance needs with a tool that combines functionality, efficiency, and elegance seamlessly.


Unleash the power of the SPR-350 Salt Spreader and enjoy a winter season with peace of mind. Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and durability that our product has to offer. Don't let icy terrains hinder your progress - let the Salt Spreader pave the way for a winter wonderland like no other.

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