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Mini Skid Steer Mount Log Grapple

Mini Skid Steer Mount Log Grapple

Mini skid steer Log Grapple squeezes into tight spaces and gets the job done efficiently with the ideal attachment for landscapers and tree service,equipment rentals, wood processors. contractors who need hauling strength through narrow passages. Perfect for carrying logs and timber around your farm or park.


The tractor Log Grapple is a must have implement if you're clearing trees on a farm and regularly collecting fire wood. Log grapples are the choice for stacking logs with forwarders, log sorting and often for feeding chippers.The grapple makes it fast and convenient to pick, lift and drag logs. These grapples are built with high precision linkage to optimize force and carrying capacity of logs.


This design also allows efficient self centring of the logs which easily roll-in and roll-out. The Log Grapple features a spring-centered return that twists when turning corners but stays straight when grabbing logs, a tight grapple closure for small branches, and lateral or in-line grapple positioning for smooth log handling.


The log grapple is specifically designed to improve the efficacy and safety at the construction or loading site as they reduce the man-on-the-ground risk.

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