72" Skid Steer Soil Cultivator Light Duty Hydraulic Roto Tiller

72" Skid Steer Soil Cultivator Light Duty Hydraulic Roto Tiller

The Garden Tiller will make short work out of all of your tilling needs. Perfect for gardens, food plots, landscaping or any other application. It is one of the most popular power tools among home gardeners and small landscaping companies, who use it primarily for tilling garden and lawn areas.


These tillers have a bi-directional rotation and can till ground up to 6”deep. Our Tiller is 72" wide, with 4" cut depth, and bi-directional tiller rotation for different types of soil. The bidirectional rotation saves time and labour as it allows you to quickly pulverize soil and cover your tracks. The garden tiller can be used on uneven terrain, but it requires careful operation and proper adjustments to accommodate different slope angles.


Whether it is spring, summer or fall planting, this 72 inch gear driven Tiller will help you prepare your soils for planting. It ideal for preparation of seed beds, renovation of pastures, orchards, vineyards and mulching-in cover crops. A garden tiller is also an effective way to eradicate overgrown weeds from a patch of land you plan to plant on.

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