25 Tonne Heavy Duty Inverted Log Splitter for SkidSteer

25 Tonne Heavy Duty Inverted Log Splitter for SkidSteer

The Skid Steer Log Splitter is a versatile, multi-use log splitter for Skid Steer loaders.Trim trees, split logs, and cut wood to length, all with the sake skid steer attachment. This 25 ton skid loader wood splitter proves to be a valuable firewood producing tool. You can also easily handle logs and move them around the yard. This attachment is great for moving, splitting, and clearing logs and timber without ever having to leave the cab of your machine.

This unit has 25 tons of splitting force and is manufactured with a 6" by 10" reinforced solid steel tube frame.When a splitter is set up to operate in the horizontal splitting position, the Log Splitter is positioned over the log and the ram moves horizontally pushing the log end into the wedge to split it. You don't have to manually load each log onto the log cradle.


If you are looking for the best-engineered skid steer log splitters, we have the unit for you. Allows for easy attachment, just pick it up and go. It is fast and powerful using the hydraulic flow and pressure from your skid steer. Wear close fitting, tucked in clothing when operating a wood chipper shredder. You should wear gloves that do not have cuffs, pants without cuffs and slip resistant footwear.

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