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72" Skid Steer Mounted Snow Blower 15-23 GPM, Direct Drive Hydraulic Auger

72" Skid Steer Mounted Snow Blower 15-23 GPM, Direct Drive Hydraulic Auger

This exceptional product is designed to efficiently clear heavy snowfall, making it an absolute must-have for both industrial and commercial snow removal needs.


Equipped with a high flow and standard flow configuration, this snow blower guarantees outstanding performance every time. Its meticulous engineering ensures durability and reliability, allowing you to conquer any snow-covered terrain with ease.

Boasting a robust structure, the Mounted Snow Blower effortlessly attaches to the skid steering system, providing convenience during installation. Powered by a direct drive hydraulic auger, it effortlessly cuts through the snow, leaving behind a pristine path.


But what truly sets this Snow Blower apart is its replaceable bolt-fixed high carbon steel cutting edge. Engineered for precision and longevity, this cutting edge remains sharp, even after countless snow-clearing sessions. With a remarkable cutting width of 72'', it effortlessly clears a wide surface area, saving you valuable time and effort.


Don't let winter weather slow you down. Prepare to be amazed as this remarkable machine effortlessly tames even the most challenging snow conditions, ensuring a safe and accessible environment for all. Embrace winter with confidence by choosing the Mounted Snow Blower - a true companion in the face of winter's wrath.

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