72'' Root Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Front End Loader

72'' Root Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Front End Loader

This is an 72″ wide dual cylinder root grapple bucket for a skid steer loader or tractor loader. This grapple is great for moving brush, logs, and debris. It is very popular for residential customers and hobby farms. Even though it is a lighter attachment, it is still built with quality and strength. The serrated leading edge provides exceptional grip and can easily tear through small roots and brush.


This grapple is a very heavy duty design and is perfect for clearing brush, logs, and general debris. The tooth design on this grapple are also designed to be able to dig up roots and rake the surface of the ground. With greasable pivot points and extreme duty design, there isn't a clean-up too messy or too heavy for this Brush Root Grapple attachment. This grapple is not intended for heavier duty, commercial grade work to include digging or pulling trees, rocks, roots from the ground.



The Root Grapple Bucket is the grapple of choice for those who need an attachment that will hold up in severe applications. It can handle more material and is more rugged than our other grapples.On the farm or ranch, you can use it to prepare the land for planting or grazing. This handy attachment can also carry feed, debris, or project materials in agriculture, landscaping, and construction.

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