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72" Skid Steer Pick up Box Broom Sweeper with Edge Brush

Product Description
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Product Overview

The Sweeper can sweep, collect and dump dirt and other debris in just one attachment. It is ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs. 21.6in diameter convoluted brush for effective sweeping action. Quick change brush without breakinghydraulic lines. Bi-directional broom sweeps forward to pick up dirt; reverses to collect rock and construction debris ect. It contains a bucket will hold considerably more debris volume with less recirculation when compared to conventional sweepers. To dump, just lift and tilt; no chains are required.



- Fits Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach
- Adjustable arbor mounts allow control over bristle pressure to surface while extending bristle life
- Replaceable cutting edge, with an edge brush
- Completely covered to control dust. Ideal for warehouses, machine sheds, parking lots, job sites, etc. where dust containment is a MUST!
- Reversible bristle direction for multipurpose
- Collect and dump dust, dirt and debris
- Accomplishes the work of multiple clean-up attachments with optimal bristle-to-surface contact
- Ideal for site cleanup, daily dust abatement, road construction, airport maintenance and more
- 21.6in Diameter Convoluted Brush
- No Chains are Required
- All price include shipping


- Sweeping Width: 72"
- Unit Weight: 1014lb 
- Package Size (LxWxH): 82*54*30in
- Package Weight: 1030lb

Technical Drawing:

 We have modified the motor.

Inner Width 44.9" Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach:

ATTENTION: Please check the Mount Plate can fit your loader before purchase!

Due to the buyer's failure to verify the size of the mount plate before purchasing, the product cannot match the loader and needs to be replaced. Our company does not accept returns unless the buyer compensates the seller for the round-trip shipping cost. For refunds, we will not refund product fees unless we receive the product in our warehouse and confirm that it can be resold.

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