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Salt and Sand Spreader with 3 Point Cat 1/2

Salt and Sand Spreader with 3 Point Cat 1/2

The Salt Spreader ideal for agricultural tractors, on which it is mounted via a three-point attachment. The spreader can be used with sand, salt, or gravel for winter maintenance of roads, walkways, sidewalks, driveways and yards. The reasonably compact size means that the spreader is also suitable for jobs in narrow conditions.The steel structure is painted with an epoxy rust-proof paint undercoat plus a bi-component enamel paint.


The Salt and Sand Spreader is an essential part of your attachments arsenal. The Skid Steer salt and sand spreader is hydraulically powered by your skid steer loader and is designed to handle most dry, free flowing granular materials, including salt, sand, seed and fertilizer. The spreader rotor is driven via the left wheel, and is fitted with studded tires which deactivate the drive on the roller when moving in reverse. The stainless-steel hopper and frame resist corrosion and provide excellent durability for serious work.


The salt spreader is the right choice for winter maintenance of large areas. Quality materials and workmanship prevent unwanted downtime as you work to make sidewalks, parking lots and roads safer during icy winter months, or fertilize during the spring and summer months.

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