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Hitch Receiver Mounted Ripper V2

Hitch Receiver Mounted Ripper V2

Designed to enhance your gardening and landscaping experience, this powerful attachment effortlessly fits onto a 2" Hitch for quick and easy use. Experience the convenience and versatility of our Hitch Mounted Ripper as you conquer various soil-related tasks. From conditioning soil to trenching, this attachment does it all. With its rugged construction, this Ripper effortlessly breaks through tough and compact ground, allowing for deep soil conditioning and the installation of wire or water lines.


Featuring four adjustable levels, the Hitch Mounted Ripper caters to different operating depths, giving you complete control over your landscaping projects. The inclusion of a shear bolt adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding both your hitch and the shank.


Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, the reversible shank ensures maximum durability and performance. Cut through even the most stubborn and dry soils with ease, breaking up any compacted land that stands in your way.

Upgrade your gardening arsenal with the Hitch Receiver Mounted Ripper and unleash the true potential of your outdoor space. This remarkable attachment will undoubtedly revolutionize your landscaping endeavors.

Transform your garden into a thriving paradise and tackle soil-related tasks with unparalleled ease. Get your Hitch Mounted Ripper today and witness the incredible difference it makes in your gardening adventures.

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